EEG Expert QIKtest - Stand alone device for continuous performance testing


QIK test - Neurofeedback Performance Tracking




These instructions assume you are using a USB QIKtest as pictured below. If you are using a Serial QIKtest, or if your QIK Test does not look like this, please click here.

  1. Run the QIK install file. If you are savvy enough do the installation without instructions, skip to step 9 now.

  2. Click on Run

  3. Select Language
    Click OK

  4. Click Next

  5. Click on "I accept the agreement"
    Click on Next

  6. Click on Next

  7. Click Install

  8. Click Finish

  9. Conect USB QIK Test to computer using USB Cable.
    Please note the "greyed out" boxes indicate that a USB QIK test is not detected and/or connected.

  10. When a USB QIK Test is connected properly, all buttons will show normally and NOT greyed out as in the above photo.

    Click on Settings

  11. Click on "Test QIK".
    The QIK device should beep once.

    This step is simply to test that the QIK device is connected properly and responding. This step only needs to be performed the first time you connect your QIK Test to your computer.

    Cick "Close window" once test is complete.

  12. Click on Prepare Test

  13. Choose the appropriate QIK Test. QIK CPT Visual is the main test that you will use and is the default selection.

    Enter Client ID and repeat (Must be a number. Do not use letters or any other charachters other than numbers.).

  14. Practice Test:

    A two-minute practice test is administered before the full CPT to assure that the subject understands the test and how it is scored. The complete practice test should be used before testing a subject for the first time.

    Before you click on "Prepare QIK for test", use the "Show Target" and "Show Non-Target" buttons to show test subject an example of what they will be looking at as described below.

    Sample Instructions to share with test subject:

    Show target, show non-target"This is a test of attention. Two different patterns will flash on the QIK device. Either all the lights will flash on like this (click on show non-target), or just a circle of lights with a hole in the center like this (click on show target). When the circle of lights flashes on, like this (show target), I want you to press either one of these buttons as fast as you can. Press only one button and press it down just once for each target. When all the lights flash on like this (show non-target), then you don't press either button.

    Now hold the QIKtest in your hands with your thumbs resting lightly on the buttons. The lights are going to flash and your job is to press either button as fast as you can each time you see the circle with the hole in the center. Remember only press one of the buttons and not both. You don't press the button when all the lights flash on. You want to be as fast as you can, but also as careful as you can not to press the button at the wrong time.

    First you are going to do a practice test for a couple minutes to warm up. Press either button to wake up the QIK Test device, then press both buttons at the same time, and hold down for one second. Three center lights will count down to the start of the test. Remember; be as fast and accurate as you can.

  15. Click on "Do the Practice Test"

  16. You will receive the prompt pictured below, indicating that you can disconnect the device at this point to hand to your test subject. You do not have to disconnect, but it is now your option to do so.

    Click "Close window"

  17. Once subject has completed the 2 minute test, as described in step 14 above, reconnect the QIK Test to USB cable and your PC.

    Click on "Get Test Results"

  18. You will now see the results window for the brief 2 minute practice test.
    Use this opportunity to observe and correct the test subject to make sure they are conducting the test properly.

    Click on "Close window"
  19. You may now detach your QIK Test again and give it back to the test subject so they may take the full 20 minute CPT test. Make sure that the test subject is in a comfortable place without distraction, as they will be there for 20 minutes.

    You do NOT need to click on "Prepare Test" again as both the short 2 minute test and the 20 minute test are loaded at the same time.

  20. Press either button to wake up the QIK Test device.

    Press both buttons at the same time and hold down for one second to begin the full 20 minute CPT. You will see the 3,2,1 countdown and then the test will begin.

  21. Conect USB QIK Test to computer using USB Cable.

    Click on "Get Test Results"

  22. Click on "copy location to clipboard and open EEG Expert"

    This will automatically copy the disk location of the test data file and open the EEG Expert website. You will later paste that disk location to the EEG Expert website in the next step.

  23. Congratulations! You have completed the administration of the QIK Test. Your not quite done yet. Please proceed to EEG Expert Instructions, to upload and score the test online.

    Connecting to EEG Expert Instructions



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