EEG Expert QIKtest - Stand alone device for continuous performance testing

To proceed with these instructions make sure that you have already completed the steps in Running a CPT Test. The following instructions will guide you through using the EEG Expert website, also uploading and scoring test data.


  1. Vist the EEG Expert website ( )

  2. Login.

    If you are new to EEG Expert, click on the Join tab to create an account.
    Login after your account is created.

  3. Click on Add New Client

  4. Fill in the client information.

    Click Add the new client

  5. Click Continue

  6. Click on the QIK button in the row of the client you created.

  7. Click on Retrieve a new test

  8. Click on Choose File

  9. Browse to C:\QIK\data
    Choose a QIKtest data file to upload (.crw)
    Click Open

    An alternative method:
    Paste (Ctrl - V) the file location you copied in Step 17 of Running a CPT Test
    Click Open

    Watch a video clip of this step.

  10. Click Continue

  11. QIKtest report is displayed

    Do NOT print the report directly from this page using your browsers Print button as the formatting will be incorrect.

  12. Click on Save & Print (PDF)

  13. You will then see the following:

    Click on View Expert report as PDF

  14. Click on the print Icon to print report.


Your report will be archived on the EEG Expert website for later retrieval.








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