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Becoming a
Neurofeedback Provider

You want to become a Neurofeedback Provider but donít know where to begin? We're here to help.

step 1

Start Here: Attend the Introductory Course, study the Protocol Guide, and Access the OnDemand Introductory Course.

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Introductory Course Bundle
step 2

Certification Training Package: Guidance and Mentoring, Consult Phone Calls, Mailing List, Video Education Library, Practicum Week or 3 Practicum Weekends.

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Certification Training Package
step 3

Supporting and Promoting Your Practice: Tech Support, Advertising and Web Design, Ongoing Phone Calls and Community Participation, & Educational Resources. (OMC / Premier)

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OMC & Premier memberships

Introductory Course Bundle

A comprehensive introduction to the clinical application of neurofeedback, including Video Didactic Learning portion to watch online, a Reading portion to get from the protocol guide, and then the most and all important hands on clinical portion with the live intro course where we practice the session, and practice the clinical discussions.

OnDemand Intro Course
Protocol Guide, 5th Edition
Live Introductory Course
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Certification Training Package

Spend a year learning, discussing, and gaining hands-on clinical practice. Receive guidance and mentoring allowing you to benefit from our wealth of training materials to master your new skills.

Guidance and Mentoring

Mailing List

Information Level Membership

Consult Phone Calls

Practicum Week or 3 Practicum Weekends

30% off first 3 months of OMC or Premier Membership

Video Education

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Supporting and Promoting Your Practice

Premier level services cater to the experienced clinicians who want to maximize their practice and online presence.

tech support
web design
consult calls
community support
educational resources
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