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Dedicated Video RAM - FAQ

Q: What is Dedicated Video Memory (RAM)? 
A: Dedicated memory, also called discrete memory, is video memory that is separate from the computer RAM and is dedicated specifically to running graphics. This is best when using programs with high quality graphics, such as the Somatic Vision games for Cygnet. 

This is different from Integrated, or shared memory cards, which use your system memory. When using programs with high quality graphics, these memory cards will borrow system RAM and slow down your computer. 

Q: Can I upgrade my Dedicated Video card? 
A: You CANNOT upgrade to a dedicated video card on a laptop. However, it is possible on a desktop. It is suggested that you visit your local computer repair/retailer for more information. 

Q: What is the recommended amount of Dedicated Video RAM?
A: For current recommended computer specifications for Cygnet, please click here

Q: How do I check my current computer graphics card?
A: For information on how to check your computer specs, please click here.