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Preventing Damage From ESD
Some office environments are prone to ESD.  ESD is short for ElectroStatic Discharge.  Much like the shock you receive after rubbing your feet on the carpet and touching something metal, ESD can occur by touching the electrodes plugged into your Neuroamp, or by touching the Neuroamp itself.  You do not necessarily have to feel a shock for it to cause damage to the device, rendering it in need of repair.  A few factors that contribute to ESD include:

  • the type of flooring in your work space
  • dryness of air
  • clothing material
Here are a few tips to help reduce the likelihood of static electricity discharge occurring around your equipment:

  • Touch a grounded object, such as a lamp or computer case, or some unpainted, metal surface before operating your NeuroAmp.
  • Place a grounded antistatic pad on your desktop. Dissipate static charge by touching the pad before touching your equipment. Alternatively, consider purchasing an antistatic carpet or mat for your workstation.
  • If you reside in a dry climate, consider using a humidifier in your office.
  • Make sure that you are connecting the NeuroAmp directly into the Computer using a USB cord that is 9 feet or less.
  • Do not connect the NeuroAmp to the computer using USB Hubs or USB Extenders. This can lead to poor connections or irregular power being  supplied to the NeuroAmp.
  • If the computer that you are using has a combination of USB 2.0 (Black) and USB 3.0 (Blue) ports then you'll need to connect the NeuroAmp to  one of the USB 2.0 (Black) Ports. If the computer has all USB 3.0 or all USB 2.0 then it shouldn't matter as long as the USB port hasn't been damaged.

Sometimes NeuroAmps can be temporarily disabled by ElectroStatic Discharge. Sometimes letting them sit disconnected from the computer for a few hours to a day will allow the charge to dissipate and the NeuroAmp may be detected again. If the Charge is big enough it could damage the NeuroAmp to the point that it may need to be sent into bee Medic so that it can be inspected and serviced.

*Please note that damage to the Neuroamp caused by ESD does not fall under the Lifetime Limited Warranty. If you suspect that your amplifier has been damaged by ESD, please contact beeMedic at 877.313.9980.