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Cygnet Application Shortcuts (Windows 8.1 or Higher)

How to remove the old Cygnet:

  • Right Click the Cygnet shortcut in the taskbar
  • Click Unpin
    *If you have any Shortcut to Cygnet on the desktop Right Click and Delete them.

How to make new Cygnet shortcuts:

  • Click the Windows Start Button
  • Type Cygnet
  • Right click Cygnet shortcut
  • Click Pin to Taskbar

If you would like shortcuts for the other Cygnet Applications:

  • Right click the Cygnet shortcut
  • Click Open File Location
  • Click the Cygnet Application you would like to create a shortcut for
  • Right click the application that you would like to make a shortcut for and select Pin to Start Menu or Desktop (create a Shortcut)

Note: Shortcuts will only work if Cygnet is not open yet.  If Cygnet is already open, to switch applications select from the Cygnet Application drop down menu.  You'll get Invalid Error 1089 if Cygnet is open and you try to launch another one of the applications.