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How do I get the sound to come through my TV speakers using an HDMI cable

Setting windows sound to come through the HDTV using an HDMI cable.

This only works for HDMI to HDMI connections like the one pictured below. This does not work on conversion cables such as DVI to HDMI cables.

Have the HDTV (second monitor) already connected and with the display settings set to extend the windows desktop on to the TV.

Right Click on the Speaker Icon in the bottom right hand corner of the laptop screen (near the clock).

Click on the arrow above the volume number for a drop down menu of available devices.

Locate the device that looks like a TV (it might say HDMI) and click to select it.

If you hear tones come from the TV then your are all set.

If you still do not have sound, go back through the steps above to make sure the TV has been selected.
If you don't hear sound still try raising the volume level using the Remote control for the TV and test again.
Once you hear the sound through the TV then you can open Cygnet.

Using the Windows Volume Mixer to raise the open application volume levels:
Click on the Speaker Icon.

Click on Open Volume Mixer.

Raise the "speaker slider to raise all of the open applications volume levels.

Click on slider at the bottom of the Mixer to view all application sliders).

Raise to max levels and then use the Cygnet volume slider to control the sound during neurofeedback.