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Othmer Method Certification
Certification FAQ

What are the steps to achieving Othmer Method Certification?

1. Download and print the Application Form (PDF). The application form also serves as a checklist of all certification requirements. Use your Application Form as a guide throughout the process to make sure you are completing each requirement.
2. Register Online. Registration will allow for a certification specialist to be assigned to assist you and answer any questions you may have throughout the certification process.
3. Attend the 5-day Introductory Course in Neurofeedback. You may also provide proof of attending an eligible course within the last 2 years. View a list of eligible training courses for Othmer Method Certification. Completion of Practicums 1 and 2 for initial certification: Alpha-Theta Neurofeedback, Infra-low Frequency Neurofeedback, Neurofeedback Assessment and Synchrony.
4. Download, print and complete all summary forms using the Application Form as your guide. Each assignment has a related summary form that must be completed. Keep your completed summary forms in a safe place as they will all be submitted as a whole in the submission process.
5. Refer to the References & Materials page to purchase reading material or videos required for certification.
6. When all summary forms have been completed and the checklist on the Application Form has been completed, please consult with a certification specialist who will assist you in the final steps.
7. Submit all materials in an orderly manner using the Application Form as a guideline for the order of submittal. Submit payment for the application fee. Please make a copy of all materials to be submitted and send materials by certified mail or another method that employs shipment tracking. EEG Info is not responsible for application materials lost in the mail.
8. A certification specialist will review your application for completion and verify you have met all requirements. Upon successful completion and verification of all requirements you will receive a certification certificate within 4-6 weeks after your submission is granted approval.

What professional training courses are required for certification?
You must have attended the EEG Info professional neurofeedback training course, Introductory Course in Neurofeedback, within the last two years. Completion of Practicums 1 and 2 for initial certification: Alpha-Theta Neurofeedback, Infra-low Frequency Neurofeedback, Neurofeedback Assessment and Synchrony.

Will the DVD of the EEG Info training course count towards my certification?
No. Only the in-person training counts towards initial certification. View Othmer Method Neurofeedback Certification training courses.

What is the cost of certification?
Registration is free. There is a $200, non-refundable application fee required with submission of your application. Required training course, reference materials, mentoring time and other training expenses are additional.

Why am I asked to register before beginning the certification process?
We want to know you are starting the process so we can help guide you toward a successful certification. Certification requirements also may change as new books, courses and training materials become available. If we know when you started, we will know which requirements apply for you.

How much time do I have in order to complete certification requirements from the date of registration?
We expect that the process will take about a year, but there is no deadline for submission of your application.

How long does certification remain active?
Certification is good for two years, after which time you must renew your certification and meet the requirements for renewal in order to remain Othmer Method certified.

What are the requirements for certification renewal?
Requirements for re-certification are:
Live participation in EEG Info 5-day Introductory Class, 3-day Clinical Summit, or 3-day Practicum Weekend, and new case presentation (based on the current version of the Protocol Guide) to be completed no more than 12 months before the re-certification application is submitted.
If a clinician allows their certification to lapse without completing the re-certification in time, then their requirements reset to the date when they register to begin their re-certification. Certification requirements that were not in effect for their initial certification would now be required. For instance, if a clinician initiated their certification process at a time when the practicum weekends were not yet required, or when a certain book was not yet required, the re-certification would now require those elements that were missed in the initial certification process.

Is there a fee for recertification every two years?
There is no application fee for re-certification.

What if my application is not accepted, will I have to pay the application fee again to resubmit the application?
No. You will be able to submit a revised application without another application fee.

Is certification available for non-licensed professionals?
Yes. Othmer Method Neurofeedback Certification is not itself a license and is not restricted to licensed professionals.

Is certification required to practice neurofeedback?
No. Certification is not required in general, nor is it required to practice neurofeedback with the Othmer Method.

I am interested, but would like to learn more about neurofeedback
Extensive information regarding neurofeedback can be found on the What is Neurofeedback page. The first step toward professional involvement and certification is attendance at an EEG Info Introductory Course in Neurofeedback.

Is there an easy way to tell my friends about your certification?
Yes, just type in

Will requirements for certification change over time?
Requirements may change over time, but you will only be held to the requirements at the time of your registration

Can I be "grandfathered" into the Othmer Method Certification?