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With Regard to Medicine:

We question the medically intensive approach to cardiac care.

We question the neglect of rehabilitation options for stroke, traumatic brain injury, dementia, and cerebral palsy.

We question an approach to the elderly that respects the heart but neglects the brain.

We question the targeting of symptoms rather than of underlying conditions in the case of chronic illness, particularly of the elderly.

We question the hostility to dietary supplementation.

We question a Medicine that leaves out the person, the psyche, and the family in the course of formulaic treatment.

We question the white-washing of the devastating side effects of vaccines in young children.

We question the piecemeal, procedure-driven medicine in favor of more comprehensive treatment.

We denounce the conspiracy of silence by most medical professional with respect to alternative and complementary modalities, and the mindless hostility of some.

On top of everything else, major medical journals have reported that the field of Medicine itself is the third largest cause of death in the U.S., due to medical errors and adverse drug reactions.

These findings are based only on reported events. When realistic estimates are made of what is happening outside of the reporting system, the medical errors and adverse drug reactions move to the top spot as a cause of death in mature adults in the United States.

And when we take into account not only deaths but medication-caused disability and loss of function, the field of Medicine itself is likely to be one of the largest causes of the loss of effective life expectancy. [This factor is measured in DALY units (Disability Adjusted Life Years). Much of the above would be merely academic if it were not for the fact that alternatives exist that can already be helpful with the problems cited.

Thus, finally, when we take into account the effect of what the doctor is not telling you because he has medication to prescribe and surgery to do, the field of Medicine ranks in top spot as a cause of loss of function and of effective life expectancy.

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