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The Listening Program® Provider Training

The Listening Program Provider Training Course Description / Purpose
Your clients come to you because they trust your knowledge and the quality of care and attention you provide. The Listening Program® is a way to expand on the services you currently offer, and enhance the overall experience for your clients.

Think of The Listening Program® as easy, pleasurable, and effective training to improve brain performance through listening to acoustically modified music. Training the brain to function at its maximum potential is similar to the way the body is trained, toned and maintained. Instead of muscle, brain training exercises the neural pathways that allow the brain to have better function in areas such as listening, learning, communication, focus, and stress regulation.

Alex DomanAlex Doman
Alex Doman is founder and CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies, and the bestselling co-author of Healing at the Speed of Sound®. The third generation in a family of pioneers in the field of child and human brain development, Alex has focused his career on sound, music, and technology and their capacity to improve brain health and performance.

Course Details

July 13, 2014
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Location - Hosted By EEG Info
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Course Pricing
$200 Full Registration
$250 (Within 30 days of event)
$200 AOTA Member
$175 Group of 3 or more
$125 Provider (Retraining)

Registration Eligibility
Professionals who hold an undergraduate degree or equivalent in a health, mental health, therapeutic, education, music, or related field are invited to train. Requests for exceptions to this criterion are considered on an individual basis.
TLP Provider Training Courses: Cancellations or transfer requests must be made in writing for registrations submitted for Advanced Brain Technologies training courses and conferences "events." Pre-paid registration is refundable less $100 deposit if cancellation is made in writing no later than four weeks prior to the event date. No cancellations or transfers will be accepted after this time.

This course is only available to US and Canadian residents. TLP Online is not yet available outside of these regions.

Advanced Brain Technologies reserves the right to cancel any event with due cause and full refund of any registration or deposits paid.

Transfer Policy: Transfer requests will be considered if received in writing no later than four weeks prior to the registered event. If the transfer request is granted the registrant must pay the $75 transfer fee plus the difference between the event costs if any. In addition the event transfer must occur within the same calendar year as the original registered event. Multiple transfers are not allowed.