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The ADD Solution ›

Attention Deficit Disorder and the Healing Effects of EEG Neurofeedback



Brain Builder ›

Neurodevelopmental exercises



Coping With Epilepsy ›

Forum for people living with epilepsy to discuss treatment options and offer peer support. ›

A website about Dr. Siegfried Othmer ›

Homecoming for Veterans: A non-profit listing of providers of free neurofeedback for veterans



EEG Directory ›

Locate a neurofeedback provider near you. You can also search by specialty!



EEG Expert ›

The Neurofeedback clinicians' digital reference guide, your comprehensive tool for combining test results, client histories, and client progress reports, all with the latest thinking in neurofeedback.



EEG Institute ›

The clinic at EEG Info, and home of Sue and Siegfried Othmer



HeartMath ›

The makers of emWave ›

Information about the Othmer Family and their history in the Neurofeedback field. ›

Stand alone continuous performance test with reporting provided by



The Listening Program ›

Sound stimulation auditory training

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Let other health professionals know about these training courses and learning opportunities.

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