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OMC Neurofeedback Certification
Othmer Method Certification
Certification for Neurofeedback Professionals

The Othmer Method Neurofeedback Certification establishes a standard of excellence for Neurofeedback clinicians wishing to demonstrate a high level of competence through education, mentoring and clinical experience.

The OMC mission is to create the highest quality and most comprehensive training and certification program in the field utilizing client-centered and individualized protocols to achieve superior clinical outcomes for a wide range of applications, reducing symptoms and enhancing performance.


What it means to your peers
When other professionals are looking to refer patients, the Othmer certification will assure them that your approach is grounded in science and rigorous study. They will be confident that you are able to employ the most up-to-date Neurofeedback methods with the best chance of a positive outcome.

What it means to your clients
When potential clients see that you are Othmer certified, they will know that you have demonstrated a high degree of understanding and ability in the theoretical, technical and clinical aspects of Neurofeedback.


During the OMC Certification process you will
Attend EEG Info courses on the scientific basis and clinical application of Neurofeedback
Participate in a guided study of Neurofeedback history and research, instrumentation, neuroscience
treatment planning, and professional conduct
Monitor a Personal Neurofeedback training session
Keep up to date on mentored clinical experience
Keep up to date on continuing education through advanced courses and ongoing clinical support

How do I become certified?
Frequently Asked Questions
Certification Requirements
Professional Training Courses
Complete Training Program

All in One Learning
Find out how you can earn your Othmer Method Certification in one complete program.