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Neurofeedback: The Real Deal

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Sue and I have just returned from a sojourn to India, where we taught our training course at the Tibetan Medical Institute, Men-Tsee-Khang. As much as the medical professionals and pastors impressed us... the real heroes of the story are the women of Panzi who continue to persevere in spite of all they've been through.

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Cranium Chronicles: Neurofeedback and PTSD

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In this powerful video a USMC Captain with multiple deployments in Iraq shares his experiences in dealing with PTSD, and how neurofeedback treatment at Marine Corps Camp Pendleton aided in his recovery.

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School-based Brain Training Shown to Alleviate ADHD

By Deborah KotzFebruary 17, 2014
With more than one in 10 children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, parents and doctors alike have been eager to find alternatives to prescription stimulant medications like Ritalin or Adderall. Some of these options include computer programs that train the brain to increase attention span and a therapy called neurofeedback where a practitioner teaches children how to keep their brain calm and focused.
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Train The Brain: Using Neurofeedback To Treat ADHD

By Jon HamiltonNovember 1, 2010
In recent years, more people have been trying an alternative approach called neurofeedback, a type of therapy intended to teach the brain to stay calm and focused. Neurofeedback is expensive, time consuming and still scientifically unproved. But, there's growing evidence that it can help.
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Neurofeedback Gains Popularity and Lab Attention

By Katherine EllisonOctober 4, 2010
You sit in a chair, facing a computer screen, while a clinician sticks electrodes to your scalp with a viscous goop that takes days to wash out of your hair. Wires from the sensors connect to a computer programmed to respond to your brain's activity.
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Virtual Reality

By Siegfried Othmer, PhDJanuary 15, 2015
Developments in the virtual reality sphere were another highlight of the latest Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Matters were raised to a higher level of visibility even before the conference, when Facebook pumped $2B into Oculus. A billion here, a billion there; pretty soon you are talking about real money. As it happens, we took a look at an Oculus system a while back to evaluate its suitability for neurofeedback. It wasn't long before each of us felt just a little woozy from the experience, and opted for going back to maneuver in the real rather than the virtual world.
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"The Next Big Thing"

By Siegfried Othmer, PhDJanuary 7, 2015
A common concern among those paid to worry about the society in general, and the economy in particular, is what we may expect to see as the main driving force for change in the near future. The emerging sharing economy may be one of the best candidates for transformative change.
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Our Trip to India: A Look Back

By Siegfried Othmer, PhDNovember 14, 2014
Going to India had not been on our bucket list when this opportunity arose, but the potential significance of our undertaking became clear to us rather quickly. And now, as we look back, we see the realistic possibility of our hopes being realized.
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