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Advanced Media Player, Dreamscapes, Tropical Heat, and/or Inner Tube have stopped working

If you are experiencing VLC error message in AVMP or choppiness, screen going white, or screen going blank when using Dreamscapes, Tropical Heat, and/or Inner Tube you may need to install new NVIDIA drivers and set NVIDIA as the default display adapter. 

The solution is to update the NVIDIA Driver/Software.

What NVIDIA graphics card does my computer have?

  1. Right Click on the windows start button and click Device Manager (or do a search)

  2. Click on > in front of Display Adapters (to expand)
  3. See what model it is--> Example: NVIDIA Geforce 840M
  4. Visit:  NVIDIA Driver Search (This brings you to NVIDIA Driver Downloads)
  5. Select your NVIDIA Graphics Card model
  6. Select Operating system: Windows 10 64bit (or whatever the operating system is)
  7. Click Search
  8. Click Download
  9. Click Agree & Download
  10. After the file has downloaded, open/run it.
  11. Click OK
  12. Click Agree and Continue
  13. Click on Express and click Next

Now that you've updated your NVIDIA driver, you'll want to set the preferred graphics processor IF you have a laptop with BOTH an Intel and NVIDIA graphics cards.